The spot that keeps giving

gday all,having great fortune at an old well occupied for years spot,sanded in now but keeps giving up its treasures,the busted white opal was a sickner the thought that i could have done it during the extraction process hurts,but its not easy on deep targets,will have to find a new spot untill it becomes workable again,happy new year to all.


Once again you have nailed it :ok_hand:…some really nice rings there.
By deep target do you mean deep water or deep in the sand. I had a wee play the other day at the local beach… about waist to (chest high between waves) deep and she was certainly challenging. The big issue was lack of targets as well as staying on my feet. I did chase one target around for ages, probably took ten to fifteen scoops before I nabbed it. Funny thing I could see it occasionally appearing on the sea bed between scoops/waves and I guess if it were a ring it would have sunk pretty quickly. It turned out to be a big alloy (I think) nut/washer type thing. It can be tough going at times, three targets in about an hour. The above, a screw and hair clip.

Anyway back to your treasures, yes shame about the opal but still a great ring! Those two buttons are pretty cool as well, the one with the anchor :anchor:️ looks gold but am guessing not. Keep em coming.

gday iggy,deep as in sand and depending on tide height water,when they are deep, holes have a tendancy to refill you got to get out to get in,if you know what i mean.big scoop is a must.

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Hey Roy,well more great finds,keep them coming,well done.

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That’s a nice lot. I like the one under the horse shoe.
And that ring is nice - easy enough to replace the opal.
The broken stone can be made into two earrings even.

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Way to go Roy, your finds get better and better each time.
That opal looks a bit worn maybe broken some time ago.


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