The Mammoth Pirates - Mammoth Tusk Hunters Of Siberia


Great article and thoroughly enjoyed…now I am jellyarse and want to go and find a few tusks. Very interesting. A risky occupation and from the look of it the mozzies put Spirits Bay in Northland to shame. I wonder if I could make a fortune selling them Citronela burners
Dammit and the closest I can find in Central Otago is rabbit skulls with teeth attached but if Ancient Rhino tusks are an aphrodisiac and rabbits breed like rabbits then surely rabbit teeth are even more valuable as aphrodisiacs!


Lol, rabbits… I like your thinking! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mozzies… and there was me thinking sand flies were bad!

That’s a great story. Just like the old timer gold miners, the mad drinking is hillarious.

Those tunnels are terrifying. Not me.

I would love a matching pair of those tusks but for me at my advanced age of 21+ it would be too much of a mammoth task to do that hard work…but I have a way that I guess they have not though of…the value of one tusk and Bobs your uncle though in this case more like Ivans your uncle…it would take all that work out of it.