The lucky streak continues!

We headed out today in the rain with the intention of looking for a bottle dump we had a place in mind but when we got there not much was found. But we went past one of the places that is often talked about on here and which we have been to many times so I said let’s do the one coin challenge and go hame well things got out of han this is what I ended up with and got very wet!


Nice bunch of silvers. Like the Acorn 3p


Thanks mk yes that is a first for me same as the half crown

Envious as nice finds

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Never seen an acorn 3p (British ?) that’s cool well done buddy.

Oh yeah big silver…very nice!

I had not seen one like this as well! Interesting find

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You just can’t beat it I love finding them good luck out there bit wet today!

Very nice haul, goes to show that even if a area has been gone over there’s still stuff to find !
Well done

Thanks yes we had thought there wa not much more there have not been there for ages but it just goes to show! I have a new detector now aswell whice has made a huge difference

Nice coins you have there and a new detector can make the world of a difference too. I was out in the rain today too and just loved getting soaking wet, was trying out my new rain cover. A must have item for those lovely rainy days. Beep and dig that’s all we need to know. Hope you get many more great find’s.:cloud_with_rain: Paul.