The Holy Grail of Grails has been dug

Wires are buzzing with news of an 1855 Sydney Mint Half Sov freshly dug in NZ today… Not me unfortunately.



The background of the log says beach a little…

cool find one of the hardest coins to find the half sov,come in below threepences,you have to be keen to regular dig those numbers in a trashy park.

I love it and I bet that who ever lost it is still turning in his grave.

From what I could see Worth at lest $15000

Yes it was mudflats.

Wow!!! …what a find!!! The number of gold sovereigns that have been lost or stolen over the years is amazing, (mainly overseas), although 1 guy got caught in Clyde, never did recover all the gold though.

During the war the USA paid certain combat soldiers in sovereigns. One soldier hid his in the butt of his gun, (about 20 of them) but when the bullets started flying he had to leap onto the rescue jeep and in the melee he dropped his gun… :scream:

This find is rarer…so kudos to the finder…he’s probably still pinching himself!!!

Are you able to give the regional council zone as clue?

Link to what I read lately. No doubt more if you search…

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Great find for some lucky whatnot but why the secrecy? Or have I missed something?

Will BNZ still give the reward and provide for inflation?

Not much left to find. There are better pickings in the rivers of alluvial gold for those who get out to look, know a little about where the likely spots are and know how to go about it and with a bit of luck good returns can be made. I read that account years ago and always considered Rennie an arsehole doing it then narking on his accomplice. A great newspaper account though and there has to be the odd plant of gold around Central where miners hid them but for some reason never retrieved them for one reason of another, drowned, accident or merely died without divulging its whereabouts. I think there may be a possible hidden hoard near Chamonix or Gorge Creek but forget the details.


Old pianos are apparently good places to hunt for sovs… Have read at least two instances in recent years.


It’s now creating a bit of international buzz too now :slight_smile:

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Interesting - never seen one. Mr Jellyarse wishes it had been me who found it. Somehow I dont think I would have sold it…I would have just perved at it, fondled it, felt it up and eventually got buried with it!

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