The Colours - The search for payable gold on the West Coast from 1857 to 1864

An interesting read from Mark Pickering…

the_colours_new_design.pdf (1.2 MB)


Thank Gavin. That’s going to take a day or three to read. Just finish The West Coast Gold Rush By Phillip May so this fits in nicely.
Thanks again.

A great book and if it was hard copy I would buy it. He does say that one troy ounce is 28 grams but that is not correct - it is 31 grams or 31.1034768 grams to be absolutely precise.

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well that took abit of printing

same here. had a look at trade me and google. only 100 copies printed so I guess even if one does come up for sale it may well sell for mega $$$$.

I have just printed it off so will take into town tomorrow and get it bounded up

I downloaded to my phone, and reading it shortly before Zzzzz