The best way to convert 4inch proline dredge to a suction dredge

i am just wondering the best way to convert my 4inch dredge proline that is set up as it comes of the shelf as power jet it looks to me to convert quickly and easily to cap of the 2inch intake at the flare and put a power jet bullet on the new hose with suction nozzle at other end…any thoughts

Dredge off the shelf has a power jet .
You want a suction nozzle? (Suction created at the nozzle ) if so just plug the “2 jet log with a nut , replace your pressure hose with some lay flat hose long enough to reach the end of the suction hose and join both hoses to your new suction nozzle…that should work fine , though traditionally a crash box is used vs a flare but it should work fine , in theory perhaps even better recovery as the gold will be well settled on the bottom of the hose before it even gets to the flare …not that I have tried it .


thanks sootypete yea i had the same idea just cap the 2inch intake at the flare inlet get a 10metre length of hose put suction nozzle at one end and 4inch oversized bullet “hose connector” at other end just was not sure if it would work because you can also get a 4inch quick coupler adapter but that would mean removing the power jet adapter thanks for your help man

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This will work fine, or getting a section of steel tube with 4" OD and using it in place of the powerjet will also work and possibly save you weight. If you can buy or modify a suction nozzle with a ‘dryland’ style nozzle tip its well worth the trouble

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thanks for the knowledge mate and yea i been trying to find one of those dryland style noozle they look great i am definitely going to purchase one of those bad boys…