Testing reply-by-email for topics

Hopefully this’ll work… should be able to reply directly to email alerts about new messages in topics now! Some people have been trying to do this already before it was plumbed in.

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So is it working now?

Another quick test for you @gavin

Ok, so this is a reply directly from my email rather than visiting
community.paydirt.co.nz. Hopefully it works! :wink:

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Re-check for Snowdrop.

@gavin Quick reply for you so you can respond

@gavin Another quick test for you. Hopefully you get an email this time?

Ok, let’s see if this reply by email gets posted!

Testing again, as it appears this was broken for a while :frowning:

@esintes can you flick me a quick message on this thread so I can test again please… hopefully fixed again!!

No problem, here you go