Test upload image from mobile

Just testing to see how easy it is to upload images from mobile devices…

I dont have the upload icon by the left & right arrows…I do have the word ‘upload’ bottom right of screen but it dosent do anything!

Early Samsung Galaxy upload. Using button at bottom right worked if that helps your testing.

Cheers guys - thanks for that :slight_smile:

@SoilSurfer - what’s the make and model of the device you’re using? Do you not get any options pop up at all when you click “upload”?

Samsung Galaxy S3…no further options when upload selected…I wondered what was supposed to happen there, thought you had to select photo first somehow then use the upload option…no joy when tilted on the side either.

Mine is S5. When I press upload I have 4 options. I chose doc’'s and then option phone gallery to choose pic.

Ok ive got nothing like that…guess I’ll have to ask my financial adviser for a new phone…honey would you like a cup of tea lol

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@SoilSurfer strange it’s not working on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Here’s a screenshot of what I see on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact…

Definitely dont have anything like that, all good I probably need a phone upgrade anyway