Tell: 1940s-50s lead cast car

One of the more interesting items at a council excavation. Sadly beaten up, probably(according to the experts at Fun ho toys and TCM) Tink-e toy. Seems too beaten up to be able to even give away.


thats cool from the 1920s big v8 aero engine.does it have a colour on it,looks british racing green at least you know where it came from.

The pros think it’s a tinke toy from the 40s or 50s but there aren’t marks on it’s underside, either beaten off or there never was. So the final date could range from the 1920s. Yep it’s green paint, rather surprised there was any left, but it’s probably lead too, tends to stick that.
Good large, and rare that it’s excavated and open, site I’m willing to share on a PM if one is close. It’s temporarily this way.

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