Telescopic shaft for GM 1000

Does anyone know we’re I could get a Telescopic shaft for my GM1000 ? I have been using one that belongs to a friend but he needs it back :joy: I have checked all the hardware stores for something suitable but they are all made of metal… Any ideas?

While it doesn’t go tiny it still shrinks pretty small, the Detect ED Equinox shaft fits the GM1000

Thanks I saw that one but I don’t think it’s telescopic? I think they are two piece aren’t they? I was really after something with 3 telescopic sections that can be locked to any position.

The bottom shaft goes up into the top, so you can shrink it down and have it at any length.

stick it up any length you wont…oh no here we go again

Oh thanks its not very clear on the advert I will look into it :slight_smile: