Tax The Tourists and give the money to me

It’s about time we taxed the tourists.

When I first heard of freedom campers many years ago, I just thought “A few people stopping for a few nights at a rest area, what’s the fuss?”
How wrong I was, these guys are essentially too poor to travel, they’re a menace:

Charge each tourist $80 entry fee. Don’t give that to any of the larger cities (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington(or the Hutts), Christchurch, Dunedin), just all the touristy rural remote locations, Takaka, Westport etc. We’d become more of a wealthy tourist destination, less drunken party destination.

Car Rentals would be up, and as for the dodgy drivers, if they don’t drive on the left hand side, then they need to take a short practical driving assessment.

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Well looks like Maggie Barry is opposed to any kind of user pays.

She seems to care more about driving around Auckland than any other road users:
CBD rail link before a second harbour crossing “over our dead bodies”.
affirming her support for the Puhoi-Wellsford motorway
extension “holiday highway”
It will be an umbilical cord for the far north and its economy.

[what economy! - give them some money & support, I hear they need a few bridge repairs]

Yummm… Maggie Barry.
Your nutty Pandemic - that’s what i like about you.

Most people are far more crazy than me - they just keep it all bottled up.
You’ll only find out the day they have a nervous breakdown.