Tauranga meetup and help someone new to Detecting?

Hi, my names Tony, I’m in my 60’s, retired, married (well have a long time lady partner) and live in Tauranga.
Hobbies photography (website www.photogenics.co.nz), my dog and the camper.
Now got a Minelab Xterra 705 and just cant get to grips with it. Duh!
Anyone live near to Tauranga that can help me?

There’s a few guys down that way, I think one of them runs an Xterra - If I remember who it is, I’ll push them in your direction.

Might want to add “Tauranga” to the subject line to help draw them in too.

Thanks for that. Cant work out how to add Tauranga to title tho.

Done it! That was easy. Nice site this and seems good to navigate once one plays around a bit.

Hi Tony, hopefully you find someone to show you the ropes so to speak, as you can’t beat hands on.

Failing that there is a lot of info on the web which may help, do you have a copy of the user manual? If not an online version should be available.

gday tony i can point you in the direction of a couple good guys in tauranga mate! flick me a message some time!

Thanks Iggy and yes, have got the user manual.
Its strange but I just seem to have a blank. Am pretty good on the computer, have taught myself around a couple of fairly complex digital cameras but just cant get my head around the settings with the detector.
Enjoy watching the videos on youtube but dont find they work for me learning the Xterra settings.
Will watch the one you have supplied in a minute. Dont think Ive seen that one.
Cheers mate.

Thanks mate. How do I send you a private message. Will give you my tel number to pass on if you like.

gday mate im not to sure how to pm myself lol. heres my email address if you like you can forward you phone number to that and ill get joe to give you a call he is local to tauranga! cheers. astaveley65@gmail.com

Thanks again mate. Email sent :slight_smile:

Hi Tony

Email me I’m in the Papamoa area royjhopkins@gmail.com