Tassie Boys New Gold Records

A love watching these videos from over the ditch. I must get into pack rafting!


He did so well was a bloody good watch .

Excellent going - must admit to enjoyed watching his videos.

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I like Levi’s stuff. I have followed him since day dot. He is genuine & does a good job telling & showing it as it is. Down to earth & some real good straight up footage of his adventures & finds & how he goes about it. Nothing is over exaggerated, staged or hyped up like a lot of the American ones. I have gone off Pioneer Pauly & a few of the others for just that reason. I even struggle with Aussie Gold Hunters. Staged & a lot of BS.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I agree 100% Levi does fantastic videos. He is a good bugger and his mate Rob Parson if a good bugger as well.

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