Tasmanian token today 1857

wife had to work today …what could i do of course offered to take her and bring her back three hours to kill had a site in mind knew from the past it had some old stuff in it.scored four silvers three british one kiwi and an tassie tradesman token not much on the reverse but not had this one so well pleased.must have a thought for this new tech batch of detectors one would have never guessed they would come so far, i had my reservations about the ctx i never used it on the beach prefering the pulse machines but ive changed my mind today that token vid at 12.46 at 13 inches with a sweet high tone and a low grunt the target trace said they were two targets and indeed there were, two pieces of wire at 6 inches and almost exactly right the token at a pinpointer and a half underneath them, an impressive feat.what will the future bring…IMG_2043IMG_2044IMG_2045


That’s some great finds well done Roy.

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Some good finds there… any idea what the yellow broach is? I found one the same years ago.

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Great finds love that silver

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hi marrco,only thing i know that it was made in sydney the key may be identifying the thing on top

Found out what it is, it’s a members badge for the Colemans mustard club (1920’s), the MMC stands for “Mustering of the mustard club”.


great hot stuff eh…

Wow, fantastic, can’t believe those Christchurch detectorists are leaving so much loot for you!

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