Tarsacci MDT 8000 with NEW specific NZ Coil release

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I have had the green light to let you all know a SPECIAL NZ Coil has been developed for our black Titanomagnetic sands and now ready for release to NZ.

We were hoping for more feedback on units used, results and comments so as to possibly look at further refinements needed. However, only Mudwiggle replied to the survey… so the coil is as first developed…available as from today.

I am NOT the agent, so if you are wanting to place an order you will have to go direct to;
https://tarsacci.com and go to International Orders.
PLEASE specify your order is from NZ so you get the correct coil should you wish to do black sand. (It will do both west and east coast beaches as well as Relic hunting)

Rather than repeat written material, you can read all about the Tarsacci MDT 8000 here…the history, the developer, release and current useage from some members of Tom’s Forum.

(Think they are up to page 43 now so bit of reading)

Please note they are NOT using the coil designed for our conditions. In saying that, I have been more than impressed with the Tarsacci MDT 8000, having had it from early February. Even though the MDT was designed primarily as a deep seeking beach machine…also use both in out of water…(salt and fresh) it has the ability to relic hunt as well in highly mineralised areas at depth. I have been finding new targets previously searched by my other machines in my “little patch” on the farm.

I am not a brand basher as I have no preference for any brand detector…so long as it does the job I want it for. Operator experience also a factor so not overly into comparisons either. Constructive criticism…yes, and help offered if you decide to get a Tarsacci or want to know more.

Briefly…What I WILL say is… this is an entirely different beast to anything I have used over the years…the result being I am down to using only 2 machines with the Tarsacci being used 95% of the time…a turn on and go machine with over 25 hours of battery life. All carbon fibre, ergonomically beautifully light and well balanced to swing an easy 6 hours plus. The list goes on…So…there you have it! Not a VLF or PI machine…but Multi Domain Technology with Visual display…another advancement in metal detecting units.


So have you used yours on the black sand yet with the standard, non-NZ Special Edition coil?
Would be very interested in comparing it to the other machines I’ve used, very wary of laying shekels on the table with it being a Beta-test situation though.

How many different Tarsacci machines have actually been tested in NZ on Aucklands Black Belt - from Waikato to Bethells?

Hi Mudwiggle. The standard coil is far too sensitive to cope with the Titanomagnetic black sands…or the bands of that you swing over…hence this particular coil was developed for NZ conditions.

I understand where you are coming from forking out $$$ for a new unit…I too have been in that situation when buying a new unit as NZ doesn’t have Metal Detector Shows like overseas…nor do the manufacturers make available a unit to “try before you buy”.
The cost is USD$1495 + $95 shipping and you are responsible for NZ taxes, customs as I understand it.

I will disagree it is a Beta unit, in that if you read the historical development of the Tarsacci, who the developer is, and the concentration in the latter 2 years in finally producing this completely new MDT technology…unlike anything on the market…so the unit is as it is. It will be a long long time before perhaps/maybe another coil is made for it.

Currently there is only 1 unit in NZ. I have used it at Port Waikato through to Piha at this stage (with success)…AND without a cacaphony of sounds through the headphones!. The only thing I can possibly offer is at some stage to have a meetup with interested like minded peoples…maybe I could walk behind you? (just kidding) There is a little learning curve…(a different beast of a machine) however in saying that, experienced PI users oughto take to it like a duck to water. Hope this info helps…happy to help.

I have used it at Port Waikato through to Piha at this stage (with success)

Can you elaborate a bit re your success. What type of finds, depth for example.


What sort of promotion is this nonsense? You gotta be kidding me. FFS. Do you think we came down in the last shower of rain? Sorry MK. I wasn’t as polite as you. You would have thought all that info would have been relinquished straight off. I smell a rat.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi. By success I mean rings and coins. Depth?..varied from 3 inches to around 12 inches or so. Your depth depends upon the target and concentration of iron in the sand…titanomagnetic iron sand is in a mix with quartz feldspar sand, shells etc. which varies in its ratios the further from source…other factors being the tidal currents which deposit more or strip iron sands on/off beach.

Kiwijw…Your manners I am afraid Sir are not a good example of how one addresses a post on a forum. I have given you links so you can read…educate yourself…and… make your own mind up. I am not a parrot. Some people think outside the box and invent multi domain technology…NOT a Vlf or pi detector…maybe some just can’t grasp the concept of technology advancing all the time. Some of us embrace new technology. BTW the new Nokta Makro Pulse Dive 2 in 1 is in the country now too!!! Lol:rofl:

A further comment I will make is…the inventor of thr Tarsacci MDT 8000 has taken the NZ concern of our titanomagnetic iron sands being 58 to 60% concentrate seriously enough to do a special coil, which will also run quiet in 48% mineralised dirt…the man is a legend as far as I am concerned. What other manufacturer has ever listened to us???

Cool, What are they like on native gold out in the field? Or isn’t gold in there domain & more a coin, relic detector? Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

It will detect gold in its native form…however not sub gram as it is not designed for that. However…on the table, a GOLD ONLY unit is under development (for sub gram gold) but it will be another possibly 18 months or so before release.

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Oh…ok. I would have a lot more interest in the gold machine. Cheers. :slight_smile:

So if I read into this correctly, you must have the nz coil if you have used it on West Coast beaches such as piha. I really need to know this works before I pull the trigger on potentially 2500nzd (thanks customs). Any info you can give me will help my decision

IMO you are quite right to be cautious Toppom.

I’d like to see one in use on an nz blacksand beach before I commit as tarsacci themselves are very non committal about its success. If it works as well as claimed perhaps someone here in nz that owns one could make a quick video.

Hi there, any chance you’d consider selling your tarsacci?

Hi Joeshow, sent you private message re Tarsacci and no, there is no chance I want to sell mine.