Tarras drilling finds ‘substantial’ gold

Santana Minerals is reporting a “substantial” increase in gold discovered during its exploratory drilling at the Rise and Shine [RAS] deposit near Tarras, a report to the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday said.

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The Rise and Shine Shear Zone was mined historically and has attracted much modern exploration effort as it has many similarities with the Hyde-Macraes Shear Zone, which hosts the world-class and actively mined Macraes gold deposit

The site contains a mineralised zone rather than a reef. It is auriferous mica schist of a considerable width, the zone trending north-south, with a dense network of quartz veins heading in all directions, with fine gold seen freely (at least when investigated in 1875). The zone also contains pyrite and arsenopyrite. The gravels in the neighbouring gully were also richly auriferous, with gravels on the slope containing coarser gold.https://www.mindat.org/loc-248839.html

And so the government will betray us again by allowing foreign mining to steal OUR gold and take it off shore.


Noted the comment in the report ‘Gold mining began at Bendigo in 1862 but was eventually abandoned, with the ruined towns of Welsh Town and Logan Town now part of a Department of Conservation historic reserve.’
This is a good indication that if any one of us wanted to form a mining syndicate with the finances and resources to mine it we could never do so as DoC would prevent it BUT if an off shore company want to then they will get the go ahead and this is indicative of the hold that off shore bankers, financiers and their business interests have over us - note well Macraes where DoC were paid off - and mere bawbles.
Sorry guys but I am a patriotic New Zealander with strong beliefs that we own this country and these off shore based companies should have no rights here. Our government should be financing the mining of our country…they seem to have plenty of money for other things and the gold should remain here.


Funny after years in the Pilbara they do the same thing with the iron ore big internationals are the only real players production cost plus a small margin then sell it to there offshore subsidiaries keeping the true profit in a low tax country reminds me of whats happening with our fuel now traded at sea then margins applied when it lands

Most of the identified deposit is on bendigo station with only a small amount being on public ground.
And as to a nz company mining it sadly none have the financing available to set up and also cover the environmental bonds etc that the govt demand of them. Only really leaves the big off shore players to do it.


Could have got Birchfield in there. Sure he has a dollar or two. Or L&M Mining. Even Bob Kilgour. Or dont they exsist anymore?

L&M no.longer exsist and Bob Kilgour im told is getting on in years.
Would love to see some of results, pics etc of L&M on there previous operations though!
Both of the above were more into alluvial mining than hard rock.
But your right be good if it was a kiwi company.

Cam is right these mines require alot of capital to setup before any gold is won hence why money comes in from offshore. The country could run it as a state owned mine but it would never be effecient as government typically are poor buisness leaders. Also the appetite from the public for using tax payer funds on a capital intensive and high risk buisnes like gold mining i cant see working. The public demand value for money of their tax revenue and would rather see that money go into health , education etc.

Yeh prich.
Bob is really getting on and health isn’t as good as it once was I don’t think. And is already struggling to get a small hard rock mine going behind ophir.
Mining permit is through. Think it is the resource consents that are holding him up and have been for a few years now.

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