Talk me out of getting the nox 600

… And into the 800?

I got an at pro 3 years ago as a first detector and have never totally happy with it, found a few things but more frustration than anything.

The majority of my detecting is done at the beach.

Will the 600 be a noticeable change/improvement over the at pro?

Ive got an at pro and most of my work is at beach.
After talking to a master on this forum i was able to start dialing in the at pro.
No its not a pi machine which i will get for full saltwater work but man ive had some good finds with this machine and as for dirt…its awesome.

So beach dry sand at pro.damp salt sand dial it in.
Pro zero.
Constant ground balance moving between damp and dry or damp and wet.
Dial back sensitivity so just chirping in bavkground.
It works not as well as a pi in that situation but still damn good.

I run pro zero, no discrimination, sensitivity on about the the second or third notch (sometimes lower), and ground balance constantly.

There’s been many times where I’ve dug a massive hole/trench for a solid sound that just dissappears, and iffy sounds are 50/50. This all could be user error though.

The nox is an incredibly stable on the beach had my 800 for a year now and my gold and silver count keeps going up. The multi frequency make a big difference and does the recovery speed especially in iron infested areas.

Are the extra settings worth it or just nice to have?

How often do you use the 7-8 recovery, the extra tone/threshold, user profiles, the low medium high back-light, or the wm08.

Just nice to have I guess. I mainly got the 800 because I wanted the wireless headphones. I mainly just use the presets park1 & beach2 haven’t played with settings much as I haven’t needed too.

Hi, I’m in a similar quandary about committing to an Equinox 800. I’ve been extremely lucky to have been lent an at pro to learn with. Now its possibly time to buy my own machine, no rush though. I do struggle to get clear signals with the at pro on wet sand and pebbly/rocky shores at low tide. ‘False’ signals are common and often dig for targets and they seem to then disappear, then get tired of that and go back to terra firma where it seems great to me (I’ve not tried any other machines yet). Do you adjust the F1 to F4 often? I will persevere with reducing the sensitivity right down and do constantly ground balance. Any tips to get the at pro operating well on the low tide would be fantastic please. Does anyone think that the Eqx 800 is a vast improvement and worth the money? Thanks.

I found the same issue with mine. I was always running on the 2nd or 3rd bar of sensitivity and ground balancing very often.

Holy moly yes, best decision ever.
Im amazed (annoyed sometimes) at how sensitive it is.
I silenced the lawn with the at pro. Got the 800 out there to play around and thought it was broken it was beeping so much, Dug a few deep holes to find tiny bits of wire.
Same at the beach, its picking up tiny bit of lead(??) buried deep.

The only down side to the nox is build quality and ergonomics.

Does anyone know where I can buy a long handled stainless steel sand scoop from please?

DredgeNZ sells them…

Thanks. I think they’re out of stock at the mo

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