Takapuna Folks - Old stuff is way down

Takapuna folks - Can confirm you have a helluva lot of overburden on your beaches to get down to the old stuff! (But get in to swing over the sand that’s been dug out ) :wink: Article in Auntie Herald.


That is really interesting. Many beaches get scoured one year and next year there are deep layers of sand depositted. Is Takapuna Beach one of those beaches where the sand comes and goes at intervals over the years?

From the times I visited Taka, pre detecting, I don’t recall any significant changes (ie stepping down or steep contours). It’s in a marine cul-de-sac, so would need a significant current shift.

One beach up here built a sandbar out to an island a few hundred metres offshore in the 1830’s, long gone and never seen since… Suspect the Taka steps would be a similar vintage?