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Tairua River Coromandle

Hows it going everyone! So as you can see, I’m a complete newbie. Have only really gotten into the hobby about a week ago. I’m really keen to branch out and meet some new faces that are like minded and enjoy a day on the creek! Based in Auckland but love venturing away whenever the chance.

So over the weekend my friend and I went for our first gold hunt. We walked pretty far up the Tairua River, thick dence bush wacking most of it. We found a bit of bedrock, and alot of undercut erosion.

I found one spec of gold. Deffinatly not worth posting about, but really gave me hope. I had seen it was very unlikely to find gold in the Tairua River, but somehow a spec…
Definatly nothing to write home about but got me thinking…

Walking back to the car we bumped into a local hunter who told us we were in the wrong creek, and Fortunatly was kind enough to share some of his knowlege. We spent about 10 hours trekking all for 1 spec and a few rocks.

I’ve been pretty observant on this forum after the weekend researching spots around the coromandle. There are deffinatly alot of knowledgeable people sharing valuable tips and insights. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for sharing some of their experiences! (Including the people outside of coromandle) I feel that reading this forum is highly educational and has me on the right track to an incredible hobby!

Here’s a photo of the rocks I managed to find up the Tairua.

Look forward to reading future posts!
Keep it up Legends!


One of the rocks I found after polishing it up.
I notice there are specks of silver looking metal in the rock. Can anyone tell me what sort of rock this is? Or if its possible to have any silver in it?
Thanks very much!

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Jasper rock & most likely pyrite specks.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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