T80 issues anyone experienced the following

Has anyone here had a t80 start giving a oily/burnt rubber taste then stop?
Haven’t had time to pull it appart to look.
But noticed the intake filter is black as hell and looks like its come from the inside?
Guessing it may be time to upgrade.

belt slipping?
had that taste once and popped my head up for a look and big cloud of smoke coming off the pulley.

Wasn’t the belt.
Main crank bearing had let go. What i could taste was heated grease.
T80 is now scrap metal
Anyone want the head and diaphragm bits? Only done 30hrs from new on them.

I’ll take the rubber diaphragm and the little metal flaps if you have no use for them. I payed $30us for the rebuild kit a few years ago. I’ll give ya $30nz as the metal flaps is all I need and if they are out 1/10 of a degree they don’t seal. Send me a PM if you still got them.