T80 compressor advice

Hi all. I’ve got a T80 Compressor and wondering what everyone with a T80 does to fasten the pvc snorkel. I’ve been using mild steel bolts from mitre 10 and cutting the heads off. I’ve added a few extra nuts as spacers to line it up better but there’s still enough force that when the dredge is running the bolt bends and snaps. Yesterday broke 2. Neither lasted a full tank of gas. Even had made sure everything was tight enough while fixing on the water. Amazed at how these bolts bend so much and snap. I’m sure mitre 10 bolts aren’t the best but surely they shouldn’t be this soft. I’d buy a metre length rod of the treaded stuff and cut but they only sell larger diameter lengths.

This should give you some ideas,
Easiest solution is just bin it

Theyre a nuisance and totaly unnesecary unless youre dredging in a tight gorge.
Just get rid of it, be sure to use the felt filter tho. They dont sell them seperate but they come with a t80 field service kit.

When i was using the snorkel i just drilled out the holes inbthe compressor fins and used bigger bolts with nylock nuts, couple of large zip ties around thecompressor to keep the elbow into the intake port. Theyre a pain in the arse esp when moving it under logs etc life was made lots easier after i tossed it.

Yea as above , i used to put a 8 or 10 inch hose clamp on there but in the end gave up and just used the filter & ditched the snorkel