Sunset beach hunt

Had an enjoyable sunset beach hunt last night on a well thrashed city beach.
Lucky enough to find a 18k white gold ring, 925 silver bow ring, 925 charm and $15.50 cash.
Wish it could be like that every hunt. :slight_smile:


Nice one MK. Love those 18kโ€™s

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Awesome Chris my phoneโ€™s pretty much silent this morning same with the fishing

gold is allways good

Nice little collection of goodies there. Great how the beaches just keep on giving and giving even when they get a thrashing. Well done.

Nice finds Chris. happy hunting over the festive season.


Thanks Shane.
Hope you enjoy the holiday season as well with some GOLD finds tool.


Cheers. been a while since i been out. Got some time off soon - bound to find something. cant wait, any find will do.


Nice the hot weather is restocking those beaches