Summer is half over. Here is another video to keep you motivated

Well another summer dredging season is coming to a close. Not sure about the rest of you but my dredging days have been numbered this year. With rain and cold nights the river has been high and chilly all year. Jumped into the water the other day and made this video after seeing some color show up in the gravel.

Hope it keeps you motivated.


Hey Goldstamp, can’t watch this video as it is set to private :frowning:

Should work now. Let me know if not. It always works for me because I downloaded,it but might not be on the internet yet. Gotta love how everything is linked together so you can’t see your screw ups that everyone else can. hahaha

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all good now dude nice wee spot cheers for sharing

That must be pretty cool seeing it when your dredging :grinning:
Thanks for sharing

Good work looked goo seeing it in the gravels !

It certainly has! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Just waiting for the weather to get a bit better to hit a claim I’m involved in down south. River’s have been a bit high down there so far this summer, and there’s even been fresh snow!?

very cool video seeing the gold in the gravel is a first for me , keep em coming m8.
Cheers Brett

Thanks guys,

Been a horrible season for weather this year, but a good gold season for us. Had snow in the hills almost every 2 weeks, a ragging flood, and the best weather once we had packed up and flown everything out. O well. that’s gold mining.

Will be working on another video in the next month or so when I have some time to sit down and do it all in 1 days. Thanks to anyone who offered to come help this season, unfortunately most of you diched out and the one that was left, I told to wait till next year when the weather hopefully will be better. A bit of a pity because so many of you seem to want to learn how to find gold, but after all the requests to come help this season, and being left with no one when I could have used someone, I am not willing to do it again next year.

Best of luck to you all in the hunt for the sparkle in your pan.


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