Summer detecting at last

Been busy filling the freezer with venison and seafood for the last couple of months but finally took the gold bug pro out the last couple of hot afternoons and found a few pickers. Not sure what the wee stone in the top pic is - garnet maybe??


Some awesome nuggets you’ve found there!

Had a few swings myself last week down in Otago trying out a few new spots, but nothing to show unfortunately. Had the missus in tow so couldn’t chuck the usual time needed detecting to find some gold it seems.

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I’ve heard folks call those little cubes devils dice, i think they are some kind of iron pyrites and eventually get ground down into black sand. I always think I am looking in the right place if they appear in the pan.

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A couple more bits of gold including my biggest piece to date ( bottom pic ) - gotta love summer!!


Niiiiiice! So what vague general area you playing in if you don’t mind me asking? Marlborough, Otago?

Hi Gavin
I’m in Central Otago

I was down there over Christmas. Had a swing around in a few spots but came up empty. Was a little time restrained though as had my missus in tow. Hoping to get down away that way again pretty soon. Awesome country down there!

Got a Gold Bug Pro myself, and an SDC2300. Depending on trashiness / mineralisation I’ll prefer one of the other. Prefer if there were in one machine though!

Drew a blank last time I was out but scored these wee pickers today - HH