Sucking up silvers with the Equinox

Hi guys, thought I’d show off the results of 4 hrs at a new spot today. Only 6 pennies, and no big silvers - maybe it’s already been gone over with an older detector? Strange ratio. Hmmmm
Find of the day was a British shilling.
Equinox 800 loves the small silver.
Happy hunting all!


That’s a great haul of silver. Nox 800 are great machine’s.

Hi.Is the 800 also good on small gold nuggets in water and on land.
Or any other suggestions. Cheers

Yes it goes really well on the small gold. Depth is not so good as a minelab PI. But it is light and waterproof, making it a very good tool for long walks / prospecting in wet stream beds. The Bluetooth audio is a game changer too in my opinion - nothing worse than getting headphones tangled in matagouri. If you’re going to get one I’d recommended buying from Dan at dredge NZ, his after sales service is top notch


Thanks for that advice mate.

Great silvers,
Any chance you could share the VDI numbers you got on those silvers. I got a 1921 british silver on Park1 last week and it was a 23-24 type number. Today managed to get a first year 1940 nz penny. our first find on the box was a 1903 british penny

50% silver (approx)
3d = 16/17
6d = 18
Shilling = 21
Florin = 26
Half crown = 27/28

Pre 1920 British .925 (approx)

3d = 21/22
6d =26/27
Shilling = 29/30
Florin = 31/32
Half crown = 33/34

Australian stuff is similar.

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Awesome summary! Only thing I’d add is that NZ thruppences often ring in at 15, so when in a productive area dig the 15s also

I’ve had nz 3d as low as 14. Soil condition etc will change numbers slightly. I try to dig 10 and up for those gold targets.

Great discussion, while we are on the equinox subject how do you find the older decimals ring up on yours? On mine some are all over the show. Hard to find much info as most lists are from overseas.

Don’t know the answer to that one sorry, the only decimals I try to dig are $1, $2.

Older decimals (of the top of my head) approx.

1¢ = 21
2¢ = 25/26
5¢ = 9/10 (crupo sixpence )
10¢ = 11/12 (crupo shilling )
20¢ = 16/17 (crupo florin)
50¢ = 17/18 (crupo half crown)
Crupo 3d = 3/4
Somewhere around there. Solid tones most of the time. Hope this helps.

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You want to dig 15’s as they are also what half sovereigns ring up as…Not that I’ve found one yet.

yes, Half Sovereign is 15, Full Sovereign is 18

Found a British 1922 3d today that comes up 16 rather than the usual 21/22 of some of the others, the difference is it’s 50% silver.

Fantastic info there team,

Explains a lot why I’m to getting alot of very small silvers or low tones
So basically its 14’ and above to start with. or like the hoover boys say ’ dig it all’ - never hunted out!!

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we found a 3d the other day that was showing as a 5-7.
Is this abnormal as we havent been digging every signal.
Looks like we need to go over that ground again…