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Stuck ..any help appreciated

Hi …I own a 1990 terrano 6cyl petrol…went to my truck this morning hopped in started it then it died…now all its doing is cranking over…have checked all fuses, contacts etc got loads of fuel…where I live its a wee way out of town up a 4x4 track…anybody have any ideas on something that might help…it fired up then died instantly so to me it seems electrical…thanks

Fuel filter water ? Maybe ??

Yeah I don’t know…the problem is I’m not much of a mechanic so I think I’ll just have to suck it up and get a mechanic with a 4x4 to come and have a look…:thinking:…I know all the basics and have checked what I can…plugs etc but I think it’s electrical…hopping someone has had similar problems

check for spark at the plugs. if you have spark then it will be fuel.
if fuel then check for water in the fuel.
that’s why I drive an old landrover easy to check everything

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What KK said. If ain’t spark it’s the fuel and for ththaththat could be pump or filter or bad fuel. I’m assuming its driven regularly so probably not old bad fuel. But a blockage in filter or your fuel pump dead/sick.
I think its CRC makes engine start, you squirt some into the air intake and that can help get it to fire up, and when you crank it give it generous but not excessive revs might help it to bite and fire up again. Just my thoughts.

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Oh yeah, also, if you’re off the beaten track and have to get a mechanic up there. Take videos etc of what is happening and what it sounds like to send to your mechanic so he doesn’t have to fuck around as much diagnosing. Could save you some labour charge and he brings the right gear for the job on the first trip :slight_smile:

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Fact it started then died doesn’t suggest electrical to me. Try rotating the fuel filter 180°, could be blocked and giving it a twist should free up a bit of clean filter element. Sorted me a few times over the years.

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Cheers…I’m trying all sorts…:crossed_fingers: