Story Time! Theme: What Lurks in The River

Just watched an episode of River Monsters filmed in New Zealand. In this episode Jeremy Wade hunted down the longfin eel, which turned out to be quite a beast! :fish:

It got me thinking. Has anyone encountered any giant eels, or any other creepy creatures, while panning for gold in the river? Please, feel free to tell your stories :blush:

Yeh I have… one… and not it is not the D10 dozer needed to pull it out of the river story

BTW… where did he catch the eel?

I was dredging in my river and moving rocks and cobbles out by hand… and had been backfilling as one does… about 2 m down. Anyhow, I came back to carry on dredging beside the same pile of rocks a few days later… slow as , so that I did not notice the movement… a huge (and magnified under water) FO head of an eel with horns and all appeared maybe 12 inches in front of my mask…#$%^&**(&^&%$#…

However he was a peaceable chap and after my heart beat settled down I began plugging up the opening on my side of the pile of rocks… it seemed to get fed up and eventually swum away in a calm and un hurried manner… I could watch it for about 15m… allowing for magnification under water and removing the fishing yarn exaggeration factor, I would say it was a good 4 to 5 inches diameter and pushing towards 5 feet long… Scored a 6.5 on my OS! meter.


Great story mate! I can just imagine what a surprise it must have been to suddenly be face to face with an eel like that. Maybe he was just looking for gold like you… :joy:

I think that he was fishing in Lake Manapouri. The episode is the first one of season 3, if interested :slight_smile: