Story of my life

After struggling to find a 10c over the comp had a quick hunt at morning smoko (working on a beach) find 4 in a row


Must be a cool job working on a beach and walking on top of future finds.

Yep that would be right… I only found one in about four hunts.

I’m in the earthmoving business so get to quite a few places that are good for detecting one trick I use for public parks is put a hi-viz jacket on and if someone asks I tell them I’m looking for a boundry peg lol


I used to use that trick when I was a bottle hunter, worked a treat. But me and my mate would take a long reel type tape measure with us. We did a number in Waihi, which had lots of real old shops. All built up so we could get underneath. So it was around to the back of the shops, High vis jackets on, and start to do a bit of measuring. Anybody asked. We were working for a survey company and doing initial scoping for the local council. Then we would edge our way closer and closer to where we could crawl under. And finally under we went. Could do the whole block as there were no retaining walls, when they built the shops probably late 1800’s. Lots of good old bottles too. But there was a major cock up. I was well under one building and finding all sorts of treasure. When suddenly a jet of steam shot down and just missed me. Ferk, wot the hell, so I moved away, dang, another jet of steam, that one almost got me. Ferk ferk, wot is this.Bloody hell we were under a dry cleaning shop and they had just started up the steam pressing. It was like something out of Indiana Jones. But I survived, just had to wait till the shop closed. As once it got going ferk those jets of steam were everywhere. I was trapped. Could have been a fate worse than death. This is a true story.


:joy:the things we do for treasures

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