Storing silver coins

So whats the best way to store silver coins i flog most of mine off but some i keep to remind me of the day i found them. Would a mylar pocket then in a plastic bag then in a pvc tube with desicant be the best way?
I do care about this as i posess my great grand fathers stamp album from when he was a boy. I probily would have to never work again if he had used acid free stamp hinges…

If you’re talking real long term storage, then I would avoid any PVC contact.
Along with anything acidic (including oak drawers/display cabinets which release acid vapours) and especially avoid anything with sulphur in it.

Best bet would be the acid-free mylar paper holders if you have a lot of them, otherwise, and for extra specials, grab some ‘lighthouse’ capsules. Both readily available on TM. I get mine from Philatelic Distributors in New Plymouth.

I have a similar tale of woe. Back in the 70’s, one of my grandparents lovingly put a full set of Wills cigarette cards into an album…One of those that had the stripes of tacky stuff under a clear overlay.

Cut to the closing credits, all the cards now have glue stripes that have soaked through them, the cards are welded to the pages and the whole lot crumbles as soon as you touch it…


I use those little coin pickets that either staple together or stick together…I opt for the ones that you staple as I have shown in the photograph.
These two coins I found early in my metal detecting career about 1981 using a Garret Deepseeker


I like glass jars, works for me…don’t worry nothing overly scarce in there.


Wow that’s amazing if I ever fill one jar I’d be a happy man. Now I know where half the silver in Christchurch has gone. Lol

There are quite a few people with stashes like that in chch but I have to admit I have purchased about a jar and a half from various places…that fifth jar is taking a loooong time to fill up…need some fresh ground me thinks.

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The only thing I bought was milner and tompson token misses mate was going to pawn it for next to nothing gave him a better price.

Cool, I used to be into collectable coins but sold the lot as NZ is a great place to buy but terrible if you want to sell. Now I only buy for precious metal content.

Pity I don’t have one of those jars full of gold coins! wee pic of my dug ones.


You sir are one lucky man :money_mouth_face:

Swap ya 40 penny’s for 1 thats a good trade lol

Me like - me jellyarse

I have some silver coins too and I put it in small paper bags. Conserving such old coins in its original form is a challenging task. Respect for numismatic community…

The holders like soilsurfer uses are probably the best economic way of storing good coins. I use them.

You can buy coin drawers but they tend to be expensive. A coin dealer I know has amazing books to store them in - not those cheap plastic sheets with coin pockets that break and after a while the coin starts to get verdigris but fair dinkum coin books - substantial and well made