Stony/Britannia or Moonlight

Hey guys, I’ve been browsing the forum for a while but this is my first post. Newbie looking for a bit of advice.

I’ve been to Stony/Britannia for a few hours crevicing some nice looking underwater bedrock in my wetsuit with no luck.

I now have a full day to try again on the 6th Feb but trying to decide between going back to Stony/Britannia or trying Moonlight. Is Moonlight suited to going for a swim? Any other advice? Happy for someone else to come out and join in too if they wanted.

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I personally haven’t had much luck at Britannia the two times I have been there, nothing with the detector and only very fine gold in the sluice, mind you being from the North Island I am no expert…
I have seen some nice pickers a guy got out of Moonlight whilst Sniping so its there if you know were to look you would have a much better chance there than Britannia…
There was a Guy living there in a Self Contained caravan if you ask him nicely he would point you in the right direction, I believe the best spots for Sniping aren’t that accessible but i guess they never are… Good luck wish I was able to get down South this year but unfortunately Im stuck in the North island…

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Thanks for that, big help. I’ve booked an Airbnb place in Blackball, just down the road from Moonlight Creek.

Any advice on parking, driving a 2WD ute? Am I able to get right up to the fossicking area?

I got all the way to the end with a corolla last autumn, :blush: just taking it slowly. so long as the track is dry you should be fine

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Moonlight is great place access is good. Better than Louis. You will be impressed.

I drove in there in a 2WD Hiace van in the dry only one dodgy spot I came across due to low ground clearance. 2WD Ute would be no problem at this time of year as long as no Trees are down… you could drive right up to the doc camp / fossicking area when I went but you need to be self contained to stay there by rights, no toilets or any facilities or water other than creek … Pack in Pack out…

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