Stolen Gold in Chch

Someone has come into my house this afternoon at about 1:30pm and burgled my gold stash. 88g of it!
So if someone is selling gold in Christchurch were would they go? I know that it is my fault that I didn’t hide it away in a more secure place, what is also strange is that is all that they took. I have photos of some of the larger flakes which can be identified. It’s been a while since I last posted and I can’t remember how to post photos.
Anyway,lookout for dodgey gold sellers.

The bastards - gutless turd tapping homosexual gits - sorry to hear that. Did they go straight to it? If they targetted the gold and nothing else then I mighty presume they knew what they wanted and came for it. Was the house ransacked or did they possibly know where it was. Have you shown it to anyone…maybe one of your ‘mates’ told his mates and bingo! There are a lot of mean low life leeches, tadpoles, Amoebas and parameciums about.


well lammerlaw you should call someone what they are. use more descriptive words. not all gold thief’s are homos. in this case they most likely were . cant stop laughing there mate not at you cleggie but at the wonderful description of the low lifes.
more serious It sounds like it is some one that you know that you have shown your gold to. hope you know how to deal with them when you catch up with him.

Tell it how it is Lammerlaw…!

Mate, this is an inside job, someone you know and someone you have told…

Sorry to hear about the theft, I’d be devastated if my gold was stolen. Its my most prized possession. Not for monetary reasons so much as the memories that each piece conjures. I hope you are reunited with your gold.

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Yeah, really heart breaking…all that toil and working the creeks all for nothing. I don’t have people that come round to see me and I don’t tell people where live other than, Chch. I reported this to the cops but I don’t think they will be much help. Like me they don’t have much to go on, so some bastard is $4000 dollars better off.

Report it to every jeweller and also the bullion dealers up north. If you have photos then send photos to the major bullion dealers. Did the cops attempt to lift finger prints at your home at all?
Twice in my family gold has gone missing - onone occasion it was 15 ounces and onthe second it was all my mothers large nuggets, several ounces - it HAD to be someone completely trusted - on the first instance it had to be a member of the actual family family - a brother or a sister OR the trusted neighbour across the road - whom I think is a jealous slimeball - come to think of it the skunk is dead at the moment but I favour him as the thief. The second occasion it had to be a close trusted relative. When mum cashed in the chips her will left a 3 gram nugget to each of her grandchildren, plus my sister and my wife and they were to be mounted on a gold chain each. When we went to get the nuggets which were stored seperately from the rest of the gold they had gone. I had to supply gold from my finds to fulfill mums wishes.
Is it possible it could be one of the very people you trusted close to you - as it had to be in my family?

My nephew was killed tragically and up at my farm when we had the claims he used to put the fine gold in three bottles on the window ledge. After my nephew died I left it there as a sort of memorial to him but someone I trusted to stay in my place thought they had a right to it and flogged it all…many people are like that.

Gold does strange things to people.

Couldn’t agree more, its the memories it all represents.

Yes that is right though I used to swap it for things i liked and often gave it away - believe it or not by the ounce - but those were different days! I keep my gold in the bank now and dont see it from one year to the other but my nuggets are all labled with dates, who was with me, the weather and exact location - a dairy…or is it diary - fuck I get those words mixed up - of my times in the hills. Seeing each one evokes memories. Yes I do agree.

I have only spoken to the cops on the phone no one has turned up to look for finger prints yet. Yeah I keep a diary too Lammers. It’s going to be a bastard, but I will start all over again. I know where the gold is and how to get it, I am a man on a mission now. You are right Gold does strange things to people

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That is truly heart breaking loosing your hard earn t gold Cleggie…little consolation I know… but they can’t take away the joy n good memories you have of getting that 88 grams…just have to go back to the river n have some more fun n get some more…BUT this time don’t tell any bugger where ya stashin it …lol

Cleggie, So sorry to hear that. Gutted for you mate. Certainly sounds like an inside job & targeted specifically. I would be destroyed if my gold got flogged. Like Mathias said, It isn’t just the monetary value but all the memories of the chase & the finds. I really don’t like your chances of ever seeing it again. Unfortunately. :cry: All they have to do is melt it into a small bar & it is unrecognizable. What a kick in the nuts. Feel for you.

Good luck out there


It’s shameful people sometimes do these kind of things and most who do have no conscience or remorse due to there narcissistic sense of entitlement. Name calling even if they are colourful and catchy will not bring your gold back and subtle hints as to how to deal with these kind of people can bring unnecessary grief and some times irreversible consequences.
Please be assured justice will prevail, if not now and here but when the time comes and they meet their maker, the reckoning we all have to face. People that do steal are usually without faith and forget or never even consider the Commandments especially Numbers 8 and 9. “Greed starts all wars”.
Then the temptations become too great for the weak soul and shallow minded. Yes I know we want to put trust and faith in all people we know and meet, although through the ages I have learnt this is not always possible, this is what’s truly shameful.
We need to keep mindful that this is a persistent problem for all of us. Not all minds think alike, even though you wish to share your time and engage with others keep your heart and mind open. L.L.

Grim news there, but it does sound weird…
No-one knew you had the gold in the house, no-one knew where it was and only the gold went missing.

It sounds a bit like when my mate and my bottle of nuggets went missing after a big night on the chatreueses. We found them months later hidden in the back of his freezer allegedly for safe keeping.

Have you checked your freezer?

Hey theres me on your shoulder - the red one!

Hmm what has the 9th Commandment got to do with it? Isnt it ‘You must not give false evidence against your neighbour’ Do you think that poor Cleggie is accusing his neighbours? I get the 8th one - ‘Do not steal’.
Are you sure that you didnt mean the 10th one instead of the 9th one - ‘You must not be envious of your neighbour’s goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.’ Bugger I am envious of his 4WD! Its better than mine!

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Religion has killed many millions more people than greed has my friend.
I suggest you have a sit down and a wee cup of tea…we don’t need a sermon, just Cleggies gold back


I like my tea, yes I can harp on a bit and I meant no harm or insult to anybody, it’s just that I see this kind of behaviour happen everywhere and I do try to put hope and faith out there in a way, to alleviate the pain. Second to that, sometimes I wish we could still enforce Corporal Punishment and lob off a few hands, that would have a curing effect to the problem and when we catch those Queer M.F.'s that’s what we’re gonna do to them.
To get Cleggie’s Gold back we need to catch the thief. So we use bait and this thief particularly like’s gold. This day and age we have many devises to use like video and smart ink or water, they work well caught a few out using the UV light at work. I have no doubt’s this would be someone in the know who did it, or passed on this vital information to other parties. This is why we need to be sure who we got , because it just might be who you least suspect is passing on the information. Trust no one. L.L.

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Now you are talking! I had one of those invisible pens to mark things so that my code would be picked up under UV light. Nowdays I etch things with initialls so small that a microscope is needed to pick the etching up. I also use video surveillance but sadly methods more tactless are not permitted in this country - like the sickle of the short head chop (I got that from a Donald Duck comic when I was about nine!)

I think we are all hoping that Cleggie gets his gold back. I still think it is someone he trusted and doesnt suspect. It is a cruel and mean low life trick to steal from others but the world is full of low lifes.

Bugger man - that’s not good to read and feel sorry for you.
Hopefully the universe returns gold to you many times over!

The cops came around and did some dusting for fingerprints, the only thing that came out of that was we know they were wearing gloves. Not a big help really… the only way to get my gold back is go find some more. As for who did it, that really does your head in, you start wondering if one of your “friends” is the prick.

I’m over it, I don’t want to dwell on it even though it hurts I want to keep on working the creeks and will invest in some better security over where I keep my gold. Big lesson learnt there! Yeah I like the universal karma idea goldnuggz. The other thing I won’t be doing is the social media thing, I stopped posting on youtube a while back.

So be careful out there guys, and may all your days be Golden!
Cheers Ken.