Stolen gold bug pro

hi all my fathers gold bug pro was stolen last night out of his car in ashburton its a very distinctive machine as it is not the best looked after one around if anyone hears of one for sale could you please let me know as we would like it back thanks

That totally sux. A friend of mine recently had his black Gibson guitar stolen from his car, dont think he will ever be the same.
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest there underpants.

Shady as


any luck getting it back Steptoe. wouldn’t think you would get much assistance from our cops if you reported it

A tip.
If you have any possession, scratch your initials on the inside of the case (you might have to unscrew a panel or something), or in a corner on the underside of a sluice etc.
Somewhere that cannot be easily seen. That way you can absolutely verify to cops that it is your item. “I can prove it’s mine.”

No luck with getting it back but hope it may turn up somewhere! The next one will have that many markings on it no one will want to take it

If you scratch your driver’s license number into items of value the coppers can trace you the owner if it turns up in a search.
I have had a few bmx’s and mountain bikes turn up years after being knicked using that trick.


There is one on trademe auction 1237723618

Thanks for that but it isnt the one I had