Stolen Dredge stony creek

Hi, all just had my 6’ dredge stolen from stony creek, Keene three stage with two honda motors 6.5
has anyone heard of anything please let me no
Cheers Robbie


Ya werent operating on a prospecting permit were ya ? A guy was implying he was gonna take a dredge hed found on private land on the premise the dredger had no access permission .just b4 xmas thats a scummy person who ever has it hope ya find them .


Sorry to hear about this mate, there are some nasty bastards out there!


Oh no sorry to hear that, I would be trying to track down the user on here called “deeppockets” he was saying about taking someone’s dredge in his post last week


Cheers, I will, But may have been missing for about a year ish, as my dredge was right beside my mates as he notes it was gone late year, as it was hard to get down, and
I had to make sure it was stolen

Stony Creek near Skippers?
If be asking the heli companies if they have picked up any dredges as im assuming to get a dredge in and out of there requires a heli?
We did hav some big rains the last year guessing dredge was well out of the water.

Yep it was tied to a tree and up hight, yes my mate is on to that as he noses some of the heli men
but that is right too you would have to use a heli to get the dredge out

Ive got one of the claims very close to you and ive left gear up there no issues at all. All by heli access only.
Id be looking at people that know where it was and who youve told first.
No one is going to take a dredge that size to pieces and walk it out. Its way to large and risky.
99% someone taken it out by heli or who owns or knows someone with a heli which is very low number of people.
Check the Gleorchy heli guys as well as ive heard theres a few guys from that side who are filhy poachers , low lifes


yep we are checking the heli


Sorry to hear that. That sucks.

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Have you asked rusty?

sorry to hear that mate i will keep my eyes and ears open for ya …puts me right of leaving anything lying around tied down hidden in bushes up high anything bloomin scumbags hope your insured its one of the first things i ever did got it insured…anyway mate thats sad to hear…good luck man let us know how you get on regards danno