Stolen 4 inch proline from dunedin

Hi Guys keep eyes and ears open for a 4 inch proline blue pontoons in near new condition with air compressor yellow hose with full face mask… had some buggers rip off my whole shed of goldmining, camping and fishing gear over Christmas NY while I was away…in my mind a very targeted burglary…my avenues have not got me anywhere, so hopefully one of you will hear or see something over the next few months that could help my inquiries… I will offer a reward (not quite sure yet) for any info that leads me to the bastards…especially hard for me to swallow has been the good weather i could have been out having all kinds of fun!!
Cheers Guys

Sorry for promoting the other mob, but you should put this on the other forum too:

nz is too small, you’l find em

Hope they are tracked down and suffer accordingly…trash, filth and scum that the low life’s are.

Kman ive seen a blue proline dredge I think either a 3 inch or 4 just recently going up through the Lawrance on the Tuesday after new years this was approx midday and it was heading inland. It was being towed by what I believe was either and older nissan safari or toyota landcruiser. It was what looked like on an old briford trailer. Im sure there will be traffic or camera footage through there at that time.
Dunno if this helps but I do know there has been some cases of poaching going on around that area including up serpintine diggings with dredges on other claims.

Thanks prich385… Could quite possibly as not many proline around…and was over N.Y. break when went missing… would u know of anyone with cameras I could approach? What is now a double double hurt is you mentioning about serpentine getting poached … as that is one of my claims…do u know where on claim and if dredge or crevicing ? Can u please assist as to who you heard about from as any help to tell these individuals to bugger off would also help… I have signs up at all the main crossing points so this is a real let down to hear poachers now double doing me atm … 1st dredge now claim… man not happy chappy… any assistance would be much appreciated…thanks guys!

Kman I think we have meet before at the Z station when I was refilling the dredge. I may have your number still. Ill give u a call

So what are you using for a dredge now?

And has the dredge been found?

Using a mates one atm up at my claim… do you have one for sale?

No unfortunately. A paydirt member has got hold of me with some good info… and some info of some pitiful characters poaching on my claim also which is getting passed on…they could be the same people we will find out hop3fully in due course… I have since put remote cameras up in couple spots so I can have more proof of there activities…