Steptoeandsons finds

Hi all I finally got back out for a quick hunt yesterday we have not been out much as the weather and time has been against us but it was good to get back and in the bush and get a few nice bits! Happy hunting all!


Jellyarse of the florin - its a cracker.

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Yes it’s nice it’s a shilling!

Nice silver’s and token, been on a silver drought lately come on number 70 for the year.

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Thanks! Yes I was starting to think they were are cleaned out!

theres allways one more…

It’s amazing what shows up when you think it’s all gone!

Is that a purchase token, hoping for a Pratt token to go with a first edition of a book of his from 1900, but realise I’m on the wrong island, but you never know. I have only milk tokens to date (envy). Interesting bush that.

It’s perkens and co Dunedin drappers. Keep looking that are out there! We are about 20 years to late for the Dunedin Bush i have seen some of the stuff that came out of it in the early days ish I could go back in time!

A few small finds from one of our favourite fields had half an hour to spare was happy with my first watch winder! H/H all!


A few nice silver’s there, haven’t found a watch winder yet it’s on my list well done. HH&GL

Thanks Cosmo I’m sure you will unearth one!

Nice threepences - they are pretty cool. I always liked finding those British coins.

Thanks lammerlaw yes they are fun to find! The old paddock is getting cleaned out tho I’m thinking about getting a bigger coil to see if I can find anything a bit deeper

Results from the last three hunts it’s been hard work and sifting through a lot of trash but well worth it some nice silver and a we bit of gold! Happy hunting all!


Still getting those British half crowns nice one and great 9k lock.

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Thanks cosmo yes they were in the same hole together!

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Whistle top left?

…Only $2 though, or did the rest go on pies :laughing:

Yes sure is it looks to be an old one. Lol no that was all the new money I found I was in a spot where stuff ends up from above which can make it hard with all the foil and cans that blow down! So no pies I had to go hungry!

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Love the silvers and the locket. Primo finds…me is jellyarse. Wish I had one of my detectors up in Auckland where I am now as I would pillage the beaches.

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