Starting out in Queenstown / Arrowtown

Hi everyone, I’m going to be living in Queenstown this year. I’ve been to the DredgeNZ shop recently and bought some gold panning equipment. I also want to buy a good metal detector in the future, but I will try to rent one first and go out a few times. Does anyone know if I could rent a good metal detector for a few days (e.g. Equinox 800)?

I’ll be visiting some of the public fossicking areas over the next few weeks, so please let me know if you’re in the area and would like some company!

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There’s a new gold mining shop opening in Arrowtown in a few weeks they will have everything you need and possibly detector hire.


oh really? do they have a website yet?

Not yet, will more likely cater to pop in customers

If you want great advice, great products and great service, just stick with DredgeNZ.
I’ve been messed around with other places who promised me this and that, but found out it was all talk.
Basically a waste of my time and energy.

I won’t use anyone else apart from DredgeNZ as I know if Daniel said he can get me the gear, I will get that gear ASAP.


fully agree with you on that one dredgeNZ is the very best


Yep, I concur. Daniel provides a great service, a great wealth of knowledge and stocks so many toys that it’s like walking into an Aladdin’s cave if you ever visit his shop.


I have a video coming out shortly that features a walk around Daniels showroom…you can look at all his toys.


I had a few hassles with a new detector and Dan had it sorted in a flash. He was contacting me to follow up and sent everything to resolve issue. 10/10 dredge nz. Nothing beats great after sales service and communication!


100% with u there , makes sense to deal with someone who knows there stuff

Dan is great but if your in arrowtown gold n gumboots is wort a drop in.

You also might need some gear in a hurry,and there it is.