Starting out in chch

Hey everyone, I’ve been thinking about getting into detecting as a hobby but I’m unsure of where to start! I don’t to buy a detector and find out it’s the wrong one any advice would be great or even better if there’s a local meetings I’m based in chch.

Cheers Chad

What aspect of the hobby are you looking at?
Gold nuggets in the wild and woolly hills
Gold rings on the beach…or in the sea
Coins and relics…with the occasional lucky gold find.

There’s not really any one detector that does it all well, although there are many that cover most bases but are better at some forms of hunting.

Budget? You really need to start at $400 then work up from there (Avoid the TradeMe $100 wonders)

As to which brand/model, it turns into a Holden vs Ford situation whenever someone asks unfortunately. Each will praise their own machine because it suits them - may not suit you though.

I personally prefer the tone-only machines with no display (I have a couple of display ones, but rarely look at the numbers).

I would advise against lashing out $2k on a machine until you’ve been hooked. Any entry to mid-level machine will quickly pay for itself, and likely subsidise the next. If you decide it’s not for you, a brand name machine will hold resale well.

There’s a few rabble from Chch on here, one will likely take you under their wing if you ask nicely…maybe even get you onto your first silver coin .

Welcome to the Monkey House.


Now that’s a well thought out response MW. Well done.

As mudwiggle said. I started out by looking at you tube videos on detector comparisons to work out which one I wanted for the money I was willing to spend. What area of chch are you in I’m on east side :sunglasses:. I go detecting most weeks.

@gold_digger Here you go… This’ll introduce you to some of the ‘names’ in Chch

Southern Chapter… 29th November. (next Thursday),
Usual ‘clubhouse’ the Volstead, 55 riccarton Rd, they have good food and any drink you can think of, the raspberry & coke is a fave,
7.30pm start,
Anybody welcomed :0)


Thanks for that mudwiggle, aspects of the hobby all of the above more leaning to the wild and woolly hills because I do abit of landscape photography. Can you get a decent mid/entry level all rounder detector or would it be best to get one that specialized?

Is this the group that used to meet at pub on cnr Riccarton road opposite park.

@Snowdrop No idea, pinched from the detecting FriendFace page

Yes it is the same group.

Great meeting last night, had my first crack at detecting here’s my first ever find! !


No pic… (unless it’s a Sovereign, in which case, I don’t wish to know :laughing: )