SS Central America - Ship of Gold

The SS Central America is the richest US ship wreck ever discovered. There are books about it and many online references which are worth following up and these are only a few.

Many of the Assayers who made the ingots were known but none of their ingots ever discovered so the ones discovered in the shipwreck are unique andmany of the coins are worth over $1,000,000 each as they are unique or so rare.

The guy who first got them did a runner and still will not tell where he has hidden 500 coins - may not seem much BUT at a possible $1,000,000 a piece maybe they were worth hiding - he is in jail for not surrendering them.

If you want a coin then some are available

If you want to read about it then the books are worth reading but especially; -


Hi was with the wife visiting Los Angeles a couple of years ago & noticed that there was a museum displaying a collection of Feberge eggs you can guess where she wanted to go.
Anyways what caught me was that they also had a display of some of the gold recovered from the SS Central America including ingots & coins it was interesting to see where the assayers had nicked a corner of the ingot to test the purity of the gold.

The price of greed! If he played a straight game then he would have reaped the rewards without having to hide in holes.