Squadron 518 (We Hold The Key)


518 Squadron and the Key to the D Day Landings! Not really sure about this find, I think it is of historic value because of the story behind it. I found a Squadron Badge the other day with my Lobo but this is no ordinary badge. If you are familiar with the Squadron 518 story, you maybe very well impressed with my find. Also the where bout’s of some members are still missing, this find just may open up a whole new chapter of history for the Squadron.
This has defiantly got to be my best find ever so far, I do believe it to be an authentic RAF Badge. However I’m still confused about the positioning of the key in the hand, some images I’ve seen show the key facing left and others show it to the right, so I’m still not sure what to think.
It would have to be the real deal and it’s been in the ground for 70 years or so, if I’m right about all this. It has the badge makers name of H.W. Miller out of Birmingham England on the back. I don’t think they made fake badges back then. Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-10-28
I have read a lot about this Squadron lately and it’s quite the story, so if you don’t know about this Squadron and the D-Day landing you should definitely look into it. For those who are familiar with the Squadron please let me know what you think about all this and would there be any kind of finders reward? Better yet how much do you think it’s worth? Paul.![2016_0118_231525_001|666x500](upload://6Ptdb9LLvBuRyv8yzN518_crest_b p0Oi3opZx.jpeg) http://www.oldnautibits.com/features/aerofeature5.phphttp://www.aniodhlann.org.uk/?s=squadron+518![Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-48-24|640x480][Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-12-04|640x480](upload://sadF4ME4ZCVwCtD3DWX98IcPzrI.jpeg) !

[2016_0118_231525_001|666x500]Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-48-24 artifacts1_b raf-518-squadron-coastal-command_360_479afcf7002532053b58bd74dc7b6631Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-38-33 Wed%20Jan%2009%2018-48-24


great find i think what i might do is try to find any nz personal who served in that squadron you might get a name from that,if it has nz connections it might be worth getting it restored if you are to sell it.

Yes thanks roy1954, I though it was a pretty cool find too. So how are you going to find out any information? Because I’ve check with a few organizations like the Air Museum in Christchurch but have not heard back from them yet. There sure is a lot of information on these guys too. Do you think there were any New Zealanders in the 518 Squadron? There were only 28 Flights in the Squadron with 8 men per Flight so that’s only 224 Men. I think it’s the real deal I’ve got here too because the insignia is the same as what’s on there Halifax. I just put up a picture of there Aeroplane.