Spring Dredging

Inspired by Bering Sea Gold ice diving I managed to get away last weekend for a play. Not the best results but was great to be back in the water after winter.

Bit of a shock to the system getting into a damp wettie that had been left outside overnight in the frost - brrrr! I think I’ll try and remember to take a stove next time to heat some water up to take the edge off.


Some nice pickers there Gavin. Did you try a bit of detecting as well or was it all dredging?

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All dredging. I’ve hit the area so much with the detector in the past that it’s hard to find anything now. Did well with the detector initially.


What machine is on the end of the pipe ? or are you just sucking :laughing:

I find it’s a little hard controlling the nozzle while sucking on the other end so I’ve opted for a Keene 4" :wink:

Nice bit of colour there mate, good effort. Gonna have to dust of my bazooka and hit the coast me thinks.