Spoon or medal or?

Hi this has a, to my eye with a magnifier, indiscernible silver mark. It was black and chunked up with sand when I caught it but reams of foil, baking soda and hot water have not revealed any lettering. The motif seems oriental, any ideas on what this is?

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Looks like possible remnants of tags on the top corners? May be a decoration off a bag or similar?

I’d say yeah, except it is serious silver and that isn’t done to my knowledge. The folded over (it’s thinner that the rest, the reason I do not think it came from cutlery) bit I show specifically has three tiny symbol silver marks and one alphabetical one above it, but the condition impedes clarity and I’ve got some serious magnification tools.

Maybe not these days, with ‘bag ornaments’ now being surpassed by cheap Taiwanese alloy. The fact it was heavily oxidised along with the three hallmarks suggests a bygone age (eg when they had silver tips to walking sticks etc) The top pic definitely has that ‘old silver’ colour to it.

Looks like a silver lapel badge to me. Perhaps the symbol in the crest is a country shape. Ireland maybe?? Kinda like some of these:


Could you take a photo square-on of the top piece please?

Which part is the top?

The small part that’s folded over

Sorry for the delay, had to enlist an extra set of hands for the shot.

I think you receive the prize for best fitting probability thus far.