Specimen Nugget - 88 grams gold / 56.85 grams crystal

Big ones are being found in New Zealand. They just tend to be a bit hush hush :wink:


Beautiful lump, I bet that put a smile on the finder’s dial

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Personally I’d have to be in dire financial straits to sell a trophy such as this. Maybe I’m overly sentimental? Or maybe the seller has plenty of lumps like this


No money would induce me to sell that one.

This is at least the second listing as it did not sell. Gold value potentially $9,000 or there abouts and it is said that specimen nuggets sell for double gold value but I think you have to get lucky to achieve that. Small ones on trademe seem to be more likely to. Maybe it is because there so not so much spending money out there.

I dont even know if there were any bids last time. Maybe someone can tell us f there were and how much it went up to.


Some very good money being handed over for gold on trade me lately. Small pickers and nuggets seem to be the most popular. These are going for $120/$200 a gram.

Every now and then someone gets lucky with their nuggets and asks for and gets $200+ a gram for them like these two pics. The $75 picker only weighs .196g which puts it at over $375 a gram!!!


absolutely beautiful mate wow very impressive…!!!