Southern Shear Zone Gold Exploration Targets, New Zealand

Permit-Applications-New-Zealand-Gold-Targets-Final.pdf (1.5 MB)


“Surface land access consent from landowners is not required for the minimum impact exploration activities permissible under a prospecting permit however landowner notification prior to access is a requirement. Activities greater than minimum impact activities, such as drilling under any subsequent Exploration Permit, require a formal access arrangement for private and public conservation land” page 12… Question… Can they just go on to private property without landowner permission??

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It might appear that they can AND it also indicates the next subtle step in eroding the rights of New Zealanders.
It might also mean legal implications for both the government and those who granted the consent and the company who certainly do not have the interests of New Zealand in mind.
At this stage I would like to see the Mahinerangi permit overlain on a cadastral and a topographical map to see if it includes my place and if so a trespass notice will be issued…now that could be interesting as it WILL make national news because on behalf of all New Zealanders and their rights I will try to involve the media.

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