Southerly finds 2019

I didn’t rate the last southerly as noteworthy but the currents after it took about 40cms of sand off in places, this is the result.

Not sure if my soldier with his bent rifle and no left foot counts as a military find, perhaps he’d been to the buy back rally?


would"ent you like to find a double dot 1919 oz penny found hundreds of commie pennys but not one rare beast…

I got too scared rubbing the toothbrush over some of these. I think the scroll is corroded on the Aus. That’s salt for you, silver is black and bronze takes a beating. I’ve seen white gold fare well, still hunting yellow on that strip, a sovereign would be lovely.

Poor fucking soldiers got an mssa…the government will want to confiscate it.

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I was under the impression he’d already been to the rally with a bend like that. But he shouldn’t still have it, should he. Dare say he won’t get much for his though.

Actually they pay reasonably well for them and I will be selling mine back BUT I don’t think that good honest kiwis realise that genuine VERY valuable antiques that hold more than ten shots such as a $35,000 1860 Henry repeating rifle will only be reimbursed approx $500.

Perhaps my guy has had his welded/modified and that’s why he kept it.

Could be…you just never know. It won’t be long before the 1080 has wiped out all four legged animals and then his hunting rifle will go to and then that crazy DoC minister will ban males as their mutton guns fire dangerous multi shots and will be banned as well. James Cowan once wrote a book titled ’ Coasts of Treachery’ and it would be a good title to reinstate as a treatise on the Government of New Zealand…ban firearms - ban recreational panning except in designated fossicking areas - sell our country to Asians who then prohibit you accessing ‘their’ high country empires…NZ has gone to the dogs…oops thats right 1080 will have got them as well.


I thought about the public fossicking areas as I was reading Tony Simpson’s ‘Sugarbag Years,’ (oral histories of the depression years in NZ, there’s a good story of some gents who avoided the ditch relief work and went mining). I am half inclined to think that the only slow loosening of public areas is a matter of legislative change that just hasn’t been got around to, like the repeal of blasphemy, that is now done. They had a reason to control it during the depression, that reason doesn’t exist, to quite the same extent, but yet here we are.

well said lammerlaw…

Round two

Let nobody ever say that place doesn’t change every day…

And the bottle was found while I was digging a beep that turned out to be a boring old electric terminal.


Wow that bottle looks cool as! Just remember don’t eat yellow snow!! :wink:

That took the pressure off me, was dying to say it! The cork is still in it but looks like there’s sea seepage. I’ve offered it up to the only other CW Price’s Concentrated Beverage bottle holder, being Auckland War memorial.

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Just make sure its on the last day before you take it back as by then it maybe worth more & going by the poor turn out,s at these events I would assume this is the sentiment country wide im completely disgusted at how they rammed the law change through , all the BS they have spun & cant stand the col (coalition of losers) & every member of this forum should have the same view considering the govt stance on miners…rant over :thinking:


I’m hoping it’s what it looks like


It sure looks it…as the Milky Bar Kid said “The shouts on you”

I’ll take it for testing. Not dancing yet, just hoping. My hesitation is that it has other gunk (probably copper?) in it, it doesn’t match my idea of what it looks like.

I have seen pure black/dark brown nuggets which only betrayed their identity as gold by their weight. They had a dark limonite or iron oxide covering


Then I will continue hoping unless it is extinguished.

A variety of tests and while purity is unconfirmed it is gold.

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