South island gold for sale

Gold for sale

1 gram pieces and up $65 gram

Bits between .5-1 gram $62

Under .5 gram $current spot price

send me a pm, gold will be couriered same day for over night delivery, perfect protection against current global uncertainty :slight_smile:

Hi, interested in buying some flake on a regular basis if price is fair and quality is good. How much do you have? I have previously purchased from Crescent city gold in greymouth but would like to do a better deal if I can. Sean

95.1% assay so very good quality native gold, best to private message me, we can refine to 99.9 but cost a bit more (a lot less than m&w etc), can sell as little or as much as you want.


I have sent 2 PM but it is possible (highly likely indeed) that I have buggered it up somehow. Maybe if you havenโ€™t received them you could send me one and see if that works. thanks

hi am interested in getting some from you. New to forum not sure how to pm :wink: