Something to keep you going through this cold snap

A excellent day out with a mate just before this chilly weather. This’ll keep the fever going.


Now I am really jealous…‘A Grand Day out’ or was that Wallace and Gromit?

Not telling!! LOL. Sent you text old mate.

Thats from under Cas mattress

Yeah but I prefer on top of the mattress!

Yeah but I prefer on top of the mattress! Hmmm the mind boggles.

I once knew an old lady who told me that she had $40,000 under the mattress and asked me what should she do with it. Well I know what I wanted to say but preferring to play a fair game I said “Take it to the bank.” - she carked it a fortnight later.

I also knew a woman called Mattress Annie once - I dont know why!

LMAO! Sorry not from under my mattress but certainly been in my dreams!

You evil bugger!! LOL

Funny that - quite a few people say that! I suppose if the mattress was part of a sandwich then its ok if it is the bottom layer and I am the top layer and in between theres a slab of meat!

wow super nice got me itching to get back out there well done and thanks for sharing

Excellent! Keep going mate. Caz