Something different

Anyone able to identify this. Came from an old house site, made of copper, quite heavy and has flame symbols around the outside. Maybe off a fire set?

Just a guess but maybe of a set of bellows.

Is it threaded at the bottom - if so then it is the top of a candle stick holder. Possibly a candle stick holder from an old piano.

Gave a bit of light so that you could read the music as you tickled the dominoes.

It will actually be brass rather than pure copper. In some soils over time the brass will take on a more copper look. If you cleaned it up, which is not really a good idea, then it will shine more yellow.

Not threaded but does have a small hole in the top possibly to attach to something. Always fun trying to solve the puzzle.

Candle snuffer? Although they tended to be thinner, the threaded hole would be where it screwed onto the handle.

That was my 1st thought but thought it seemed a bit heavy for that, not that I’ve ever used one

This is what I was referring to in my first comment; -

I think you’re onto something there. Will look inside it later to see if any signs of wax remain. Well done.

No sign of wax would remain - I have a few of them here - the legacy of a pillager, scrounger and magpie! None of the ones here have signs of wax in them. Somewhere I may have quite a few complete ones but have not seen them for near on forty years as they will be at my parents place. My old man still lives there and hes going on 95…still fishes and duck shoots!


You got that candle stick holder spot on. Obvious once you turn it over and what looked like flames now look like wax dripping down. Very cool. Have only just started at this house site (circa 1895) so may turn up some more bits. 95 geez thats good going…gives us all hope

That is quite old thing you got there. I guess it is a lid of some show piece made from brass. Those fire symbols are just for design.