Some Useful PDFs

Too big for the forum, so have tied them to the Cloud with hairy string. A couple are pretty high level stuff, but definitely worth a read (especially if you have anything in your display, especially iron, that has a ring of ‘dandruff’ around it)

Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants From England, Ireland & Scotland 1800–1945

Gold and Silver Hallmarks (UK)

Handbook to Foreign Hallmarks (1898)

Trademarks on Base-Metal Tableware

Brilliant Manual covering cleaning and preservation of, well, everything (wood, leather, bone, iron, pewter…)

Archaeologist’s Manual for Conservation

Storage and Display of Metalwork




Another couple…
Guide to Conservation of Metals


Dialogue between Conservators and Corrosion Scientists (Interesting read)


@Lammerlaw Glad someone [finally] read it! Much can be gleaned from those talking candidly…

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The only thing is that when I see references like them I want to track down copies of most of them for my library and being destitute, insolvent, bankrupt and otherwise financially embarrassed I can’t afford that…bugger.