Some tips for new detectorists

Don’t think I mentioned these before.

I was reminiscing about my intial coromandel test trip.
Not that I did a lot of detecting, but it was a learning experience, none the less.

  1. Confidence to detect very public places.
    Start off with a quiet beach. When you begin to creep around in bushes people can get really suspicious.
  2. A light gardening glove for your second hand, makes it easier to dig & keeps your hand a little cleaner. Especially good for shelly beaches. Keep the other glove handy for when you are climbing about in the bush.
  3. A snack - it’s are reward for your perseverence (useful for a break to give you the energy to keep going), or on the long walk home.
  4. Merino LongJohns. Invaluable for night hunting, or very early starts.
  5. Everything waterproof.
  6. Mini spade. Makes long clean extraction slit holes Non-destructive grass park hunting - Tips 'n' Tricks - Old Forum Archive - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking Great for beach and moving lots of volume for deep holes in bush.
  7. A very solid trowel. First one I thought was sturdy got destroyed by some compacted soil.

Yip, the other Chch meet-up a few weeks back I broke my missus trowel at the handle :stuck_out_tongue: