Some luck in the muck

cosmo and i decided to do a mudflat hunt today,lots of rubbish but picked out two silver coins and a whopper silver ring been down there a while.the stone feels like jade but its a bit dark.anybody know how to tell jade and if so how to get a shine on it my attempts failed.cheers.IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620


Looks like a trip to the local gem finders club sorry cannot help.

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You did well in tough conditions Roy.l

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Fantastic ring. You will be pleased - I had to add the last comment to get 20 characters.


Nice! What did you use to clean the ring Roy?

600 wet and dry takes all the scratches out,buff out with dremmel and silvo.use brasso on gold.

Thank-you, thats really helpful.

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